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Thomas Conroy Professional Painting specializes in residential and commercial painting services in Merrimack, Hillsborough, and Rockingham Counties of New Hampshire.

Finding a qualified painting contractor who will treat your home or office with care can be a difficult task. You can put your mind to rest with our skilled professionals on the job.

Serving Bedford, New Boston, Amherst, Hollis, Hopkinton, Bow, Dunbarton, Londonderry, Chester, Candia and more.

We are OSHA Certified contractor and EPA Lead Certified Firm. Conroy Painting has the experience for any job, and a five star customer service record means that you will find Conroy Painting to be polite, clean, and knowledgeable; efficient from start to finish.

Power Washing

If you have a mold/mildew issues, you need to consider more than just how much bleach to use. Both your walls and your valuable plants in the vicinity of the House or building can be destroyed if care is not taken to protect them. Minimizing the concentrations of chemicals and regulating water pressure, and carefully covering plants is key to protecting them. By properly regulating pressure washers with proper chemical concentrations you can minimize damage to wood while effectively removing molds. We carefully prepare every job to make your house bright while keeping your trees green.

More challenging is the question of how to avoid mildew in the future. We deal with many houses are built close to wetlands and high vegetated areas for which mold is a recurring issue. By choosing coatings and treatment carefully and timing application properly we can protect your investment for longer, and keep your house looking its best.

Interior Painting

When quality workmanship is the priority, we are the right choice. We offer a depth of expertise and experience recommending the proper coatings and treatments for your situation and provide careful attention to every last detail in our work. We’ll assist you selecting paint colors to match design, the correct sheans to match the lighting and colors.

Your home is your castle, and you don’t want contractors treating it carelessly, we take the time to prepare the job properly so we don’t walk away and leave you with a mess. We protect your, floors rugs, furniture and fixtures by carefully moving or covering item from top to bottom prior to work commencing.

While some contractors go cheap on the prep work, we are careful to deal with sanding nail pops, holes, cracks, and patching preparation before we ever pick up a brush. This ensures your walls will look good for years to come instead of needing to be redone half way though its expected life.

Exterior painting

While most people think exterior painting is just about standing on ladders and scaffolds while brushing on paint, they forget that sanding, priming, wood repairs, and evaluation of moisture conditions are the difference between a house that peels in 6 months or 6 years.

The wood moisture level always needs to be carefully evaluated when choosing coatings and this issue has been exacerbated recently due to dramatic changes in paint formulations due to regulations. Carefully selecting the coating based on the house’s humidity exposure and wood type is is critical, Timing for application is key to avoid damage to the the paint job and preventing it from peeling within a year.

while one might assume the front door is the the most time consuming this fails to account for what’s lurking behind the bushes and window sills, such as rotten wood. We handle all carpentry to replace rotting wood preventing the spread of wood rot across the wall. We’ll expertly handle trim repair, and and powerwashing and help you select the proper primers and paints for your house.

Staining of Decks, Floors, and Shingles

Proper sanding and preparation is most of the battle here, as many contractors will gouge and damage the floor using the wrong tools for the job and lack of skill. We custom mix stains to match existing colors and your desires.

As with paints, stains have changed dramatically due regulations on volatile compounds, this means measuring wood humidity and choosing the proper stain for the material or wood that you are staining is key to have your surface dry in hours and not months.

Many decks have the wrong stain or paint on them continuing this means that the paint flakes off in 6 months or the wood ends up rotted and needing replacement. Some woods require regular maintenance to prevent cracking and warping. By properly sanding and preparing the surface and utilizing the correct coating for that type of wood or surface you’ll gain a long lasting beautiful finish.

Wallpaper removal and installation

We have 35 years of experience and one of the only contractors who regularly offers wallpapering, fabric, and mural installation. Sadly we get many customers who’ve had other contractors damage their walls and expensive wallpaper purchases due to lack of expertise in the practice. We have the finest installers in the region to ensure no matter what the complexity the job will be done right.

Carpentry/ Water Damage and Dry wall Repair

If you’ve have storm damage or rotten wood at the base of your house, we’ll help you fix the issue and prevent it in the future. We offer finest the finest carpenters in the business to make sure your whether you need roof repair, trim repair, flooring, gutters, doors, shutters, windows, stairways, etc.

We do full drywall and plaster repairs from replacing entire walls, to taping, patching, and insulating walls.

Paint Removal

Whether scraping, sanding, or stripping paint that is not adhering properly to surface we do it all. We use state of the art equipment with vacuum equipped sanders to ensure safely.

We are an epa certified lead safe rrp (renovation repair and painting contractor. We test surfaces to determine if lead contamination is present to advise our customers of proper procedures to remove paint.

Additional Services

Color Consultation - We work with you to choose proper color combinations to bring out the beauty, and personality in your home

Renovation Management - We also offer managing home renovations working with and managing the full spectrum of contractors to ensure your job is done right.

Ornamental Molding Installation - We can help you choose, order and install ornamental designed trims, to help finishing touch on your home.

Kitchen cabinet Refinishing - We can help you bring a modern look to your kitchen by refinishing your existing wood cabinets.

Masonry Waterproofing - We can help you choose the proper water-repellent to help keep your walls basement dry using masonry and concrete coatings. This can be a cheap and effective alternative to replacing than excavating the foundation of your house. Additionally, clear coatings can prevent water leaks on chimneys from destroying your ceilings and walls.

Airless Spraying - If you have specially rough texture ceilings or difficult to reach locations we can reach every nook and cranny using our specialized spraying equipment and adjustable lifts.

Specialty Coatings - From popcorn textures to epoxies or faux finishes we have substantial expertise in all new coatings keep abreast of developments in order to give you the best options for a unique look.